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Ronald Spratte


Yuko Ishihara | Yuya Yoshizaki | Seima Numata | NEphRiTE | KosmoSuna


27. Juli 2019

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Probebühne 003

霧の国 - LAND DES NEBELS - Contemporary dance - JAPANESE theatrical world


“Am blassen Meeresstrande saß ich gedankenbekümmert und einsam”


The man talks to himself about deceased lover, himself and love. Fog covering the world makes him invite into a dream as if looking the back of the magic mirror. Whole story is inspired by poem of Heinrich Heine.


Choreography: Yuya Yoshizaki

Dancers: Yuko Ishihara | Yuya Yoshizaki

Actor: Seima Numata


U八- U8

Contemporary dance - Hybrid pop


The word 八(hachi) means "8" in Japanese. The big theme of this piece is the ENCOUTERING something that we didn’t know before. This choreography idea was born when we Japanese took on subway U8 in Berlin. In that small box, there were special atmosphere, vibration of the train, stories of each humans, the air and its smell, and languages we didn't know. And these had a special impact on us. You would be able to find 8 keywords while this piece. We are having choreography's tasks from the words that are started from “U”.


This work is collaborating with kosmosuna of the genre called hybrid pop. The name Kosmosuna means “Cosmos” and “Suna” (Japanese for Sand). Both of these elements represent for us, the idea of something intangible, ethereal or immaterial. They gave us composing for this choreography. We hope that this collaboration with their world and the world of choreography will be created a new unknown.


Choreography & Dance: NEphRiTE ( Aika Tsuchida, Takayoshi Tsuchida )

Music composed: KosmoSuna ( Lucien Daumerie, Alexis Daumerie )

about the Artists...

Yuya Yoshizaki

He started dancing when he was 19 years old and studied under Seiichiro Kaneda. And he worked with Kaori Kagaya, Yuya Shinjo, Masahiro Yanagimoto. Since 2012 he worked for “Noism Contemporary Dance Company (Director: Jo Kanamori) at the Ryu-topia Theater” in Niigata JAPAN. And touring and performed with this company as a sololist in over 30cities both within and outside Japan. He was appeared in Japanese famous Ballet TV「バレエの饗宴」「BeSeTo演劇祭」「NHK京都異界中継. Currently he started to active as freelance dancer and choreographer.

Yuko Ishihara (dancer)

She started dancing when she was 8 years old. She graduated from Kobe College and studied under Toru Shimazaki and Owen Montague. Since 2012 she worked for “Noism Contemporary Dance Company (Director: Jo Kanamori) at the Ryu-topia

Theater” in Niigata JAPAN for 5 years. She worked with Megumi Nakamura, Yuri Ng, Alessio Silvestrin.

Seima Numata (actor)

He is from Tokyo Japan. He worked for “Shiki Theatre Company” and performed the piece “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Since 2013 he workes for “アマヤドリ”(AmayAdori). And touring and performes as a sololist in a lot of cities. He took part in the project of Mikuni Yanaihara “東京ノート”(Tokyo note)and Tokyo festival 2018 the piece of “野外劇 三文オペラ”.

Aika Tsuchida

was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Japanese Women College of Physical Education as a principal. She majored in dancing and took master's degree .In 2008 She won the 1st prize of All JAPAN Junior Dance Competition by JWCPE University. In 2013 she won the Award of Newcomer dancer by Contemporary Dance Association of Japan. In 2017 She start to work for “NEPhRiTE Dance Company” in Niigata Japan with Takayoshi Tsuchida. She won the incentive award from Contemporary Dance Association of Japan and Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.Currently, after her professional experience in Japan, she is Berlin based a freelance dancer and choreographer. She is chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan for one year. In 2018 she worked with Acker Stadt Palast ,Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Papillom tanz studio in Berlin.  


Takayoshi Tsuchida

was born in Niigata Japan. He graduated from Saitama University (Faculty of Physical Education). 2012-2013 he worked for “Noism Contemporary Dance Company (Director: Jo Kanamori) at the “Ryu-topia Theater” in Niigata JAPAN. In 2013 he won the 1st prize at the solo selection of 28th All JAPAN Contemporary Dance Competition in Yokohama, Japan. In 2012 he won the 2nd prize at SAITAMA ALL JAPAN Contemporary dance COMPETITION. In 2017, he worked for “NEPhRiTE Dance Company” in Niigata Japan with Aika Tsuchida. Currently, after his professional experience in Japan, he is Berlin based a freelance dancer and choreographer. He came to Germany with Program of Overseas Training for Upcoming Artists sponsored. He is chosen by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan for two years. And worked with Acker Stadt Palast ,Theater Haus Berlin mitte and Papillom tanz studio in Berlin. 



KosmoSuna's music is built on a dialogue between ancestral and contemporary sounds. The animal instinct of singing is rooted into a world of machine noises that resonate like a heartbeat. In perpetual sound and musical experimentation, they evolve like a tree seeking to prolong it's vitality in an ultra connected world.

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