Right Now in Between Here and There

Sanja Pavić & Saša Pavić


11 Januar 2016 | 20 Uhr

im Rahmen der Reihe: ÖFFENTLICHE PROBE

in der Werkstattbühne 003 | Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte



"The reflection on everyday life which alienates us from our essence, sufficient and perfect as it is, encouraged the creation of this work. Along the journey, we found inspiration in ancient healing practice, shamanism and rituals which are fundamental elements in the concept of this peace. 


Our artistic quality contains movement, sounds and gestures, allowing us to encounter with the necessity of accepting the sufficiency of simple existence in here and now, refrain from any judgment and idealization. 


With our performative vocabulary we emphasis on understanding the iconic human need to use introspection and self questioning, in order to connect with our true, authentic self and integrate with non removable part of wholeness which underlines all. 


That is NOW, HERE, THERE and ALWAYS". (Sanja Pavić & Saša Pavić)



Concept & Intial Idea: Sanja Pavić & Saša Pavić

Dance creation: Sanja Pavić & Saša Pavić



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Quelle Foto: Sanja Pavić & Saša Pavić







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