BOWO - a body without orgasm

Enrico L´Abbate



12  Oktober 2015 | 20 Uhr

im Rahmen der Reihe: ÖFFENTLICHE PROBE

in der Werkstattbühne 003 | Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte


Enrico L'Abbate (Pisa, Italy 1977), studied Architecture and Performing Arts ( MA in PAP, in Bilbao, YMT, Leeds University). He studied dance, through Nikolais Technique since 2006. He is a teacher and worked with many artists as dancer: Simona Bucci, V.Sieni, A2 company, Moritzmajce Sandraman, Gogmagog, Fosca. He studied with C. Carlson, D. Mercy, R. Giordano, S. Buirge, D. Dupuy, S. Wei. He has been a performer in different contemporary and modern lyrical productions. He presented from 2012 'CONT' and 'DUO' in Europe as his own work with Cristina Abati.



Choreographie/Cast: Enrico L'Abbate, Annalisa Martini

inspired by A.Artaud/Deleuze/Guattarì


Music: Jd Zazie and authomathic records

Stage and Costume Design: Enrico L'Abbate, Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli



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Foto Quelle: Enrico L'Abbate




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