im Rahmen des PAF Berlin 2016

Despina Kapetanaki


Premiere  28  Mai  2016 | 21 Uhr   



This is the future. This is the dystopian future. This is a totalitarian regime. This is propaganda. This is massive war. This is a human being with a perfectly normal life: a house, a job, respect for rules and trust to the government. This cannot change. This changes. This is the truth. This is torture. This is revolt. This is the future. This is the dystopian future. The future is now.


A composition of movement, sound and word in a Performance /Installation format. Entry possible at any time during performance. 


Created and performed by Despina Kapetanaki.


Despina Kapetanaki

is a Berlin-based performer and theatre maker. She holds a degree in Theatre Studies and a diploma in Acting with a focus on physical theatre. She has worked as performer with her own projects in Ireland, Greece and Germany. She has been trained and cooperated with Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret (Denmark). She is creating her own projects inspired by daily life, ordinary people and the contemporary sociopolitical situation. The focus of her work lies on physical theatre and dance performance, which are combined with music, text and poetry. She is interested in performing in unconventional places and without using a separate stage. She prefers sharing the same space with the spectator instead, creating this way an intimate communication between the performer and the audience. | despinakapetanaki.weebly.com



Eintritt:  5 | 8  € 

Reservation recommended

Tickets: despinakapetanaki.weebly.com/reservation | despoina.kapetanaki@gmail.com



Loophole | Boddinstr. 60 | 12053 Berlin


Foto: Despina Kapetanaki






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