Double Bill | ME(et) YOU / Zenit: Nadir

Lisa Colette Bysheim & Sarah Vella and Julia Maria Koch 

13 | 14 | 15 Jan 2017 | 20 Uhr



ME(et) YOU

„Whenever two people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees him, and each man as he really is.” (William Jones)


An intimate space, a crossroad, the moment when two people meet. The piece plays between a physical and sensory landscape which explores the many impressions that occur during a first meeting. What happens in the moment of an encounter? We meet people everyday. The world is experienced as smaller, our everyday lives and cultures interweave within each other. Different cultures meet and cross paths daily and greetings occur all the time. ME(et) YOU is an intimate dance performance that explores the individual experiences that occur during the first moment of encounter. How do we greet others? How can body language communicate these experiences? In what way do social and geographical norms play a part? Are we aware of this? ME(et) YOU is an exploration of movement, music and visual projection that takes the audience on a journey to experience the inevitable moment of interaction.


Concept/Performance/Choreography: Lisa Colette Bysheim & Sarah Vella | Music/Composition: Mads Svee | Light Design: Thomas Bruvik | Video: Mélissa Faivre Poster and Programme Design: Persijn M. de Rijke | Producer: Bergen Dansesenter - regionalt kompetansesenter for dans v/ Tina H. Engedal


Sarah Vella is a dancer and choreographer from Malta, based in Berlin.

Colette Bysheim is a Norwegian dancer & choreographer based in Bergen, Norway. 

Mads Svee is a song writer and musician from Bergen.


Funded and supported by Bergen Danse Senter- regionalt kompetanse senter for dans, Bergen Kommune, Arts Council Malta - Cultural Export Fund and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte



Zenit: Nadir

"In many societies, women and girls face specific risks and are less likely than men and boys to have access to their rights, due to their gender roles and position in society.(..) Women and girls comprise about half of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population." (United Nations Refugee Agency)


Zenit and Nadir are arabic-deriving terms in astronomy, specifying the point vertically above and perpendicularly below the observer. Every human being carries these two points constantly with him, as a proof of existence, as his very own coordinates of positioning and whereabouts in the world. In the piece we accompany a girl in a moment of her escape from her home-country, where it becomes impossible for her to life a safe life with dignity. She decides to go on this long , consumptive journey with unclear outcome, a state of floating between her origin and her future prospective. In a stream of consciousness-like instant, she goes through glimpses of her identity, through the materiality of her being, notions of her upbringing and internal conceptions of her cultural and religious education. In the gloom of her tremendous escape, she passes through moments of deep connection and recollection of her essence, as uniquely singular and matchless as her very own coordinates of Zenit and Nadir, constantly accompanying her on her solitary journey.


Choreography: Julia Maria Koch | Performance: Laura Garcia / Yuri Shimaoka | Music: Hoerdur Mar Bjarnason | Lighting Design: Torsten Lippstock | Text: Julia Maria Koch


Julia Maria Koch is a dancer and choreographer. Since 2014/15 she colaborates in Berlin with the award-winning composer Hoerdur Mar Bjarnason from Iceland and a stable group of international dance artists.



Eintritt  13 | 9  €



theaterforum kreuzberg | Eisenbahnstraße 21 | 10997 Berlin 


Fotos: ME(et) YOU: Torsten Lippstock | Fotos: Zenit:Nadir: Kristoffer Oen



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