27 April  2017 | 20 Uhr

SPEKTRUM | art science community

Inspired by Goethe's theory of colours, "Ciclos" explores our archetypal perception of colours and shapes through light and movement. Our work associates different biological evolutionary states with corresponding emotionally charged, interactive colour-scapes. We aim to engage the audience in a kinaesthetic experience, where our spatial, sonic and movement choices are intuitively processed. Using the world’s first flexible, wearable touch screens; light patterns ripple through the dancers’ bodies, responding to their movements and interactions. Our stage performance shows a more streamlined side of our work through the use of synchronicity between music, light and movement. This is used to supplement the second part of our concept where live animations, music and dance work together to build a state of continuous improvised feedback.


ST VITO (Sensor Technology Visual Interactive Touch Orchestra) is a multimedia project which fuses contemporary dance, technology, sounds, visuals, and audience interaction. We use technology to augment and accent the organic qualities of our dance vocabulary. Our unique wearable touchscreens illustrate both, the visible connections and invisible interactions between performers, using visual patterns, animation, and textures. We aim to generate an atmosphere of playfulness, using technology subtly and authentically, rather than fetishising it. Our use of technology only serves to support a our poetic artistic direction.


The project was accepted into the 2017 Telekom Fashion Fusion Program, and performed at Sophiensaele Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week.



Eintritt   6 - 10 €  Sliding Scale 


SPEKTRUM - art science community | Bürknerstraße 12 | 12047 Berlin


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