#Manifesto | The Juggler and the Heart

EX-Teater & Sylvain Fossier | Double Event


26 April 2017 | 20 Uhr

WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

#Manifesto | EX-Teater


"My name is Heidi Blumenfeld and I'm a transnational artist."

Her name is Heidi Blumenfeld and she's a transnational artist. She breaks borders between kitsch and high art, between funny and serious, between masculine and feminine. Her art is her juggling. But how to do art? How to be an artist in a time when everyone wants to be an artist? A transdisciplinary performance which puts circus into a theatrical universe, the piece proposes an art manifesto of our time. And at the same time, however ironic and witty it may be, #Manifesto is also a celebration of art (so that people don't forget what it's all about).


Written and performed by: Andrej Tomše.

Directed by: Hristina Vasić Tomše

Music composed by: Slobodan Ivanović



The Juggler and the Heart  | Sylvain Fossier


The Juggler and the Heart is a collaborative piece in between storytelling and juggling; originally in French, it was translated to be performed in Berlin. The piece came from two friends, Corentin Simon and Sylvain Fossier, looking for a way to join their practices. While Corentin wrote the story, Sylvain performed it; together they looked for a merging point between the stage and the words, between the writing and the juggling, to express their own universe.


Performer: Sylvain Fossier


Eintritt frei 


WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte | Wallstrasse 32 - HAUS C | 10179 Berlin

U2 Märkisches Museum | U8 Heinrich-Heine-Strasse


Foto Copyright: Alex Brenner, Sylvain Fossier


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