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About Face


03 | 04 | 05  Nov 2017 | 21 Uhr

KIRCHGASSE 3 | Berlin Neukölln

Ein Night is the space to fill with secrets, trasgressions and dreams. A devised theatre piece developed and performed in a non-theatrical space that explores the night and the people who inhabit it. In a playful and collaborative room we have been working, exploring, and playing incorporating sounds, lights, shadows, and text.


About the company: About Face is an international collective of process-orientated, performance-driven makers with different backgrounds. We don't use any set of techniques - we meet, play, explore, question, create and make provoking artwork, always finding new ways of challenging ourselves and the audience.


Length: 45 min.


Devised and performed by: Maciek Marzec, Dimitri Cacouris, Federica Spinello


Foto: Federica Spinello

Eintritt     5 € 

Tickets     The show is limited to 20 audience members per performance, it is recommended to book your ticket in advance


The meeting point is at Kirchgasse 3, 12043 Berlin Neukölln, in front of the monument to Friedrich Whilhelm I,

from there we'll go ahead together.

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