Re-imagining Intimacy

The “Re-imagining” series


27 Jan 2018 | 19 Uhr 


Intimacy describes the intensely emotive relationship between people, things, places and ideas. It is in essence how we understand how close or far we feel to the world. This next edition of “Re-imagining” will focus on the exploration and negotiation of those all-sensitive spaces between us and the other. Ultimately, how we imagine and re-imagine intimacy has ricochets on our understandings of the universe. ‘Re-imagining intimacy’ will showcase the work of six amazingly talented spoken word and visual artists. In their own unique language they will explore the importance and necessity of re-imagining intimacy.


The “Re-imagining” series is an effort to explore different perspectives and to un-box and de-box our approaches to key societal issues. It seeks to underscore the importance of unpacking polarisations and cyclical patterns and radically re-think how we address, tackle and perceive these all-important challenges.


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Performers: Angela Fegers, Andrew Guy, Bruce Weaver, Dani Robbins,

Elena Francalanci, Julia Rauch, Sarah Bleasdale



Grafik Quelle: Angela Fegers

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Noize Fabrik | Elsenstraße 52 | 12059 Berlin

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