Qween Beat / Melody Nite Kick Off Event

Vogueing presented by House of Melody


24 Mai 2018 |  23 Uhr

SO36 | Kreuzberg

The Melody Club Nite offers a space for dance and music lovers alike to vibe together in a judge-free zone. For the Kick Off Event we are happy to welcome Qween Beat, the top DJ Collective from the American Ballroom Scene. We want to celebrate the traditions of the New York underground club scene and create a similar creative venue for the local ballroom & underground dance community to express themselves. This dance playground will be open for individuals to connect, exchange, and grow, in a setting where freedom and respect are paramount.


LINE UP: Qween Beat: MikeQ, Quest?onmarc, Byrell the Great, Ash B.

back-2-back session with RUI HO & CKin2U + Shauny B


Qween Beat founded In 2005 By MikeQ, Qween Beat, is a collective & record label hosting a range artists of many talents (DJs, Producers, MC’s/Rappers, Dancers, and video editors). Originating in ballroom culture, these artists work together with others in producing ballroom vogue/house, club, hiphop & R&B tracks and keeping the growing ballroom genre alive. Our artists also travel the entire globe introducing the culture in its many forms to the masses.




Foto Quelle: The SO36 & House of Melody

Eintritt   10 €

Tickets   www.residentadvisor.net/events


SO36 | Oranienstr. 190 | 10999 Berlin

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