MONO E.P: Track 1

Andrew Kerton


07  Jun 2018 | 19 Uhr


Im Rahmen des Performing Arts Festivals 2018


In times of digital and visual bombardment on multiple levels, we increasingly recoil from the phenomenon of monotony. For the performance artist Andrew Kerton and his DJane Hannah Holland, the monotonous bass hides within itself a trampoline for resonances, variances and vocal acrobatics that require no amplification. Mono becomes the new stereos and continues to reverberate far beyond itself.


Performance: Andrew Kerton
Music: Hannah Holland


Andrew Kerton is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has centered around performance and includes video, drawing and sculpture. He received his BA in sculpture at Brighton University before attending de Ateliers post-graduate studio program in Amsterdam. His work has been seen internationally including at the ICA, London, HAU, Berlin and Migros Museum, Zurich. In recent years, he graduated from the SoDA program at HZT, Berlin, having pursued research into somatic awareness, its choreographic potential and conceptual significance. Hannah Holland is an international DJ, music producer and label boss from London, who has remixed the likes of Goldfrapp and Planningtorock. Outside of clubland, she works on theater and film music, as well as playing bass for the band Black Gold Buffalo.




Gefördert durch: Berlin Senate Einstiegsförderung 2017, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte





Foto © André Uerba

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Sophiensæle | Sophienstraße 18 | 10178 Berlin



Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

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