Öffentliche Probe(n) # 11 | 18

ABA NAIA - Kysy Fischer | Rafuska Marks | Teija Vaittinen || Keisuke Sugawara | Aika Tsuchida | Takayoshi Tsuchida | Nele Handtke || Samantha Giron



12 Nov 2018 | 20 Uhr

WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

An jedem zweiten Montag im Monat findet auf unserer „WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003“ eine Öffentliche Probe statt. Unsere Nutzer*innen haben hier die Möglichkeit Ihre aktuellen Arbeiten vor Publikum unter technisch professionellen Bedingungen und mit Betreuung durch unsere Veranstaltungstechniker zu testen. Das kann eine Generalprobe oder ein work in progress sein.


Diesmal erhält man Einblicke in die Arbeiten von: ABA NAIA - Kysy Fischer | Rafuska Marks | Teija Vaittinen || Keisuke Sugawara | Aika Tsuchida | Takayoshi Tsuchida | Nele Handtke || Samantha Giron 



WE CAN DO IT MOANING | ABA NAIA - Kysy Fischer | Rafuska Marks |Teija Vaittinen


WE CAN DO IT MOANING is a post-porn clown performance of the artist collective ABA NAIA, a work in progress since November 2017. Different actions of moaning are created through duration and insistence to act as an impulse for the construction of a human “moan-machine”: a text, a dialog, a symphony.


The piece is a 20 minutes performance, in which the various possibilities of moaning are researched in their diversity. Our interests lie on the borders of women’s representation and their sexuality, which we extend to the realm of comicality. Comedy and absurdity are the basis of the work, nevertheless this does not mean that we only stay on the comical level. Moaning can act as an impulse to reflect gender, sexuality, stereotypes, communication or trance. Moreover it can arouse and excite others. When two women moan in public it has political impact and it is exactly this that makes us hot and excited. We keep on moaning, the setting changes.


WE CAN DO IT MOANING is a performance of breathing and sound, but we are specific: we produce a symphony of moaning. We treat the moan as matter. As research. As physics. As anthropology. Not as biology. We moan as a sport. We moan as an acoustic experience. We moan on the borders of climax. We moan in hysteria. Hysteria? We moan because someone has ordered us to moan. We moan because we can. We moan because it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. We moan because it moves us and we keep moving just because we moan.  We have created a piece that is simultaneously a post-porn clown performance, a performative act and a symphony - and this is how we make politics!


Directing: Kysy Fischer

Cast: Rafuska Marks | Teija Vaititnen

Stage-costume design: ABA NAIA


Foto: Fernanda Peruzz


“GIRLS” | Samantha Giron 
“Girls” is about homo-romantic love between women, who may or may not be lovers, may or may not be friends. This section concerns itself with sensual bonding between women that perhaps begins when we are girls. Hand holding, hair brushing, roll-playing husband and wife, preparation of meals...Though such rituals will not be reenacted, we contemplate the sociological purpose of each act to inform the work.

Gummi candy is an important symbol in the work and perhaps the only object on stage. We feed each other, decorate each other’s bodies with it. The candy falls out of our clothes. It litters the floor. We pass it back and forth in our mouths. The texture of the candy is what is of interest and somehow embodies a feminine lip, a feminine kiss.
Like all of Giron’s work, the piece is multi-form, as it includes an original sound composition that will be played live.


The score will be electronic and will include amplification of the sounds created by the gummies as they are squished, eaten. The sounds of the kisses will be amplified and collaged into the score. “Girls” will includes Giron’s signature sequential movement style - of circular patterns, loose joints moving in opposition, contemporary dance with urban sensibility.


Directing: Choreographed by Samantha Giron 
Cast: Samantha Giron and Pamela Moraga Mellado
Dancers: Vivian Aragon and Jackie Goneconti Gibbons



Foto: Mark Andrew Wilson



虚無の人。灯を持つ人。| Keisuke Sugawara | Aika Tsuchida


"We speak through our bodies. Having a conversation with others. And I believe that the body has plenty of possibilities other than kinematics. Because while the movements give our body satisfied our heart is also proportionally satisfied."


KARIKATUR | Takayoshi Tsuchida


"I do not want to become anyone. There is no other choice but to play a humorous person. It may be in dream of someone. Is this a utopia or destopia? These worlds will degenate humans and make them useless, eventually eliminating viability as an invisible form."


FIGHT | Aika Tsuchida | Nele Handtke


"Faces of the two situations. There is the same intention. But I want to watch the difference.  
The Fight with others. The Fight in society and the fight against myself."


FAIR WIND |  Aika Tsuchida | Takayoshi Tsuchida


AFTERGLOW | Keisuke Sugawara | Tatsumi Ryusui 


"To devote oneself. To depend on something. Some are saved by such a vague wish. Without support, they surface—people’s changing weaknesses and vulnerability witnessing those fading away, seeing life and eternity only in the unchangeable “it”. The swinging light and the afterglow. Breathing there, where the sun doesn’t rise."



Fotos: Keisuke Sugawara

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