The Sky Doesn't Have Any B O U N D A R I E S


30 Mär 2019 | 20 Uhr 



Borderline-europe invites you to an exquisite evening of a play, curated music and a documentary film. The works serve to highlight the varied experience of immigrating and emigrating and what triggers this stressful process. The event is in English, but some parts will also be in French, German and Romanian.


The Sun Never Sets On An Empty Stomach

This is a play that explores different stories of fight or flight, flee or stay, live or die, or love, laughter and skullduggery. Each of the 49 stories on show is centred around voluntary or forced movement across borders.

There is a game of Dodgeball too! Imagine that?!

So, join us on our eventful journey, exploring concepts of personality, gender identity and nationality in the vastness of the moon, the stars and the bountiful sky!


The Demilitarisation of the Korean Peninsula by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces:

Another long title! Well, this is a light-footed documentary film about the experience of being an Immigrant, as shared by the scrupulous cast and the camera-shy crew of the project.


Cast & Crew:

with: Salber Williams, Roxana Hetrea & Celine Norris featuring Iriea Chi & Elijah Elpenor

poster art: Sofie Alten von Engstromart

direction: Katherine Sultan

production: Sara Bellezza and Frauke Werner, on behalf of borderline-europe

written, directed, photographed & edited by Ncube


Artwork: | Non-profit association: | production:  More details: 


Foto/Grafik: Ncube 

Eintritt   10 | 5 € 

Tickets   online hier 


GlogauAir Art | Glogauer Str. 16 | 10999 Berlin 



Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte



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