Le Taste of Jean-Pierre || Olympia! Olympia! Olympia!

Farcicles || The West 



24  Jul 2019 | 19 Uhr 

WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte  

An international double-header! Two short pieces in one evening.


Start with “Le Taste of Jean-Pierre,” a farcical romp for the macabre-minded. End with “Olympia! Olympia! Olympia!,” a campfire story, family myth, and rock concert all in one. Produced by The West in collaboration with the Whisper Theater Collective.


Le Taste of Jean-Pierre combines farce, physical comedy, and the grotesque to deliver a hilarious and exhilarating experience. With members from Belgium and the USA, our ensemble of three tells the story of a restaurant's Grand Opening gone terribly wrong. When the Master Chef has a heart attack, the ill-witted staff must find a way to deal with the body, dodge the press, and deliver the chef's masterpiece for the evenings pivotal event. Using small costume changes, a handful of props, and lots of confetti, we invite the audience to enter our tilted world and explode with laughter.


Written and performed by Richie Shiraldi, Brittany Anderson & Jelle DeWit


Olympia! Olympia! Olympia! is a campfire concert about personal myth, stories that are more true than real, and leaving your children in the woods. Created by Claire Kaplan with musical performance by Warren Wernick and Martin Gutfeldt, this new devised piece invites you, with rock music, folktales, family history, and the body in space to think of your own home stories as the mythic canon of your life. How do you tell it?


Written, directed, and performed by Claire Kaplan 

Music: Martin Gutfeldt & Warren Wernick


Fotos: Turlach O Broin || The West 

Eintritt    15 € 

Tickets    030 - 2804 1967 | Online reservieren hier | Abendkasse 30 min vor der Veranstaltung


WERKSTATTBÜHNE 003 - Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte | Wallstrasse 32 - HAUS C | 10179 Berlin

U2 Märkisches Museum | U8 Heinrich-Heine-Strasse 



Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte



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