Technical Equipment

CD/MP3 Player & Speakers


We offer you portable CD players and active speakers and also extension cords and multiple sockets at the reception.


The CD players usually have an audio input for MP3 players, smartphones or laptops (additional cable available). Some of the players features an USB-input for sound directly from an USB stick.


The speakers (Active 2-Way Fullrange Speaker) have several inputs: 3.5 mm mini-jack-plug for connection of an MP3 player, smartphone or laptop. XLR/Jack for Microphone/Line, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth and an integrated media player. More Info: pdf


Please understand, that we do not reserve equipment - but generally, there is enough of. The rental is free.


Please contact our Technichal Department for the use of additional

lighting / video / audio technique.



Your own powerful equipment, such as spotlights or amplifiers, please connect it after consultation with our technicians only!


Tables & Chairs

All rehearsal rooms are equipped with 1-2 desks and 4-5 chairs. Additional chairs are mounted with a chain on each floor.

You will receive the key for it at the reception.


In the need of a greater amount of chairs or tables, please arrange it with the Technical Department in time.



Marco  0178- 72 4 777 2




Ronnie  0176 - 70 97 70 40