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Takushi Minagawa | Grafik: Tashi Iwaoka

影 k_a_g_e

Tomomi Tamagawa / Tashi Iwaoka / Gábor Hartyáni

Solo Dance Performance with Shadow Play

影 k_a_g_e  is a solo dance performance featuring elements of shadow play.
 The dancer, Tomomi Tamagawa reinterprets the ancient Japanese tale "Princess Kaguya", to touch the timeless-ness and universal aspects of human-ness beyond the cultural and historical boundaries. The unspoken emotions laying beneath the narrative are reflected through her shadow.


Kage means shadow in Japanese. Shadow is a great metaphor for, or the presentation of, what is behind the visible and obvious – the secrets of another world. The title of this work refers to the literal meaning of the Japanese word and at the same time it refers also to what shadow contains as its metaphors and enigmas.

Direction/Dance/Choreography: Tomomi Tamagawa

Direction/Concept: Tashi Iwaoka

Music: Gábor Hartyáni


This work is a collaboration between Tomomi Tamagawa, a dancer and a performer-artist, Tashi Iwaoka who share the same interest in investigating and rediscovering their own cultural background after living outside Japan for a long period. They utilise their Japanese sensibilities to create this piece, like that of ’origami’ which has a very simple way to play – folding a sheet of paper, yet, can have a quite intricate manifold result.

Tomomi Tamagawa

Born in 1987 Kagoshima, Japan. She left Japan at the age of 15, and started to trained at Académie de Danse Classique Princesse Grace in Monaco and English National Ballet School. She had worked with English National Ballet and Croatian National Ballet Theatre in Zagreb. In 2013, she moved to Berlin and became a freelance dancer. Since then she started to collaborate with not only dancers but various artists. Now she is based her hometown in Kagoshima, and working as a ballet teacher as well as expanding her career as a dancer.

Tashi Iwaoka

Born in 1976 Ehime, Japan. An Amsterdam based Japanese artist, Iwaoka works as a performance and dance theatre maker as well as performs for other artists. His work has been presented in several European countries. His movement practice started by the encounter with Butoh in 1997 before he left his native country. He has a strong interest in improvisation and his artistic work is often made from structured improvisation. Recently he is interested in Japanese Budo for reaching our not-yet-cultivated (or forgotten) human potential.

13. Sept. 2016



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