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Vittorio Bonanni Caione | Underskin

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Siciliano Contemporary Ballet (SCB)

The unique site-specific for NOIZE FABRIK

What you don’t see still exists. It exists because you feel it, you perceive it without needing to see it.It has no shape, it is not determined by an outline, no colour defines it: the mind wraps around it, making it fade. The mind is it’s space with no boundaries, where the invisible appears and assumes form. Lines to follow spread from your eyes, inscrutable roads leading to fickle vanishing points. These lines are laces that harness me, that set me free while tying me, like a dog to its owner. The strength of the invisible lies in its obscurity, in its moving through the inexpressible. And yet the invisible has its value, the immaterial has specific importance in our lives.Words can light up these subtle bonds, make this mute dance visible.Words are the beam of light that crosses the dark chamber of the mind.


Choreography & Concept: Salvatore Siciliano

Music: Matresanch

SCB: Marika Giannoccari, Valentina Migliorati, Michela Rossi, Laura Signoriello, Rachel Tack, Marie Zechiel

Costumes: Gegenteil


Thanks to Gabriele Strazio

1. Oktober: After Show Party with dj-set by SUBRADEON

1. Okt. 2016

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Noize Fabrik

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