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Sonia Rodríguez

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Cía Sonia Rodríguez

Mabel renders homage to the difference, to the abnormality and to the innovation as an inexhaustible source of surprise and diversity. It is an antidote to the intolerance and an approach to the unusualness. Mabel is also a material to think about us, themselves and on the role that we believe we are representing in life. Mabel proposes to be vulnerable human beings who are able to look at things we don´t agree or manage to understand. Images that we are able to interpreted with the force of our feelings.
Duration: 50 minutos


Choreography & Direction: Sonia Rodríguez
Performers: Judith Nagel, Eva Georgitsopoulou ,Maria Novella Tattanelli
Photography: Carlos Collado
Music: Nacho Carrascosa
Lighting: Grace Morales

Supported by Teatre Tantarantana , Centre Cívic de la Barceloneta and Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg

7. Juli 2016

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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