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4rude | Katrine Bregnum

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Maco | Katrine Bregnum

AMALGAM SoloFest ist eine Platform für verschiedene Bewegungskünstler, um SOLO Stücke zu presentieren und weiterzuentwickeln. Eine Reihe von performativen Abenden zwischen Butoh und Zeitgenössischem Tanz. Mit dabei u.a.:


“HIROSHIMA” Butoh-Solo | Maco

This is a molten / deformed chunk of meat, which gradually falls apart and becomes thin, untill the bone is exposed, and only the sense of touch and the nervous system remains. Shape of Absence. Flower of mud.
Finally it becomes dust, and disappears in the space.

Concept, choreograph, performance: Maco

Music: Kai Shiero

* * * * *

(in)control | Katrine Bregnum


(in)control is a portal into a mystical dimension, where our understanding of reality and perception can be altered by means of time, space and move- ment. The collaboration between sound, movement and improvisation creates a shifts of „being manipulated“, „taking control“ and the tension that appears when fighting against „the limitation“. The human need for „a sense of control“ and „belonging“ will be revealed as we step into the layers between the conscious and subconscious.


Concept, Choreograpy, Dance: Katrine Bregnum

Sounddesign: Daryal Von Reis


Maco is an actress and Butoh artist. She was born in Kamakura, Kanagawa (Japan). From 1992 onwards she learned Butoh at the Butoh Laboratory under the renowned Butoh Master Kazuo Ohno. This lead to her first solo performances in Tokyo. From 1999 until 2006 she was a member of the Ku Na’uka Theatre Company, where she performed regularly in and outside of Japan. Since 2005 she has learned Butoh under Yukio Waguri and worked together. In 2005 she co-founded Theater-Butoh company 4RUDE. Since 2013 Maco lived in Berlin.

27. Juni 2018

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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