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Martin Dziuba

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"Bird", —the ultimate migrator that can adapt to constantly changing environments, a dance piece inspiredby the Law of Maslov, the book “l’usage du monde” by Nicolas Bouvier and the migration of humankind. As artists we are constantly migrating. By witnessing humans on stage, we hope that audience membersbecome inspired to reect on their own actions and memories.


We believe that every single human can subconsciously relate himself to our topic.

Do we follow love?

Do we give up freedom for security?

What happens when there is no balance?

What happens to the individual identity when change occurs?

What do we gain and/or loose from the identity?

Concept & Idea: Kollektiv 52º07

Music: Hordur Már Bjarnason

Choreography & Dance: Sara Enrich Bertran, Javier Ferrer Machin, Malcolm Sutherland, Romane Petit, Sophie Vergères

13. Dez. 2018

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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ACUD Theater

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