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Mother | The Arising | Muletas

Jochem van Brugen / Dario Spoto

 Foto ©


Mother | The Arising | Muletas

Sara Lu & Amelia Emma Forrest


A gender fluid journey of a nurturer in three parts. MOTHER is constructed on a backwards timeline, "The After" symbolises the individual adventure of finding oneself alone again, "The Aspiring" the adventure of a nurturer becoming a carer and "The Conception" symbolises the individuals prenatal adventure. Each segment is being constructed and performed individually leading up to its final premiere presenting the trilogy in full. With visuals by London based artist Charis Boon Films and accompanied live by Swedish producer Ampfer.


Concept & performance: Amelia Emma Forrest

Music by Ampfer (LIVE) Light Design in collaboration with Jelle Stoffels

A special thank you to Dansmakers Amsterdam for being so generous with their space.


* * * * *


With all that we are and with all whom we love, I wish only for you to feel safe enough to be your weakest. To be vulnerable and live through all the depths of your emotions. I stay hopeful that what we are all looking for is connection. From the moment we are snipped from our mother. A wish...
I hope the connections you make will be without prejudice to those whom are different from you, and that with compassion and patience you will come through any challenges you face. Reflect on your privileges, do not take for granted what you were perhaps born into, in your time. Let us be fearless of feeling. Do not right off what you do not know. The unknown awaits with overwhelming adventures of living.

* * * * *

Nietzsche said: No artist tolerates reality - but I do think that, through pain, the artist transforms reality, recreate it, turn it into art. Inspired through a personal tragedy, Sara Lu created a piece of delicate suffering and astonishing softness inside the pain. A dance piece developed through one year of personal research and rehearsals gave birth to Muletas, which in Spanish means „crutches“. 
I move you…Your broken nerves
Your paralyzed emptiness 
Your immobility 
Your fear of the leaves 
In the end—move the inevitable


Concept & performance: Sara Lu
Music by Noiland (LIVE) 

24. Feb. 2018

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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