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Kfir Harbi

 Foto ©



Maayan Iungman | Philipp Rückriem

Im Rahmen von "The 2019 Expo: A Showcase of Wahlberliner"

Boxes are her work. Work is her life. Her life is in boxes. And they all look just the same. Living a square life or breaking out of the box? 


One show, two performers, various techniques, and plenty of absurd situations. 


Visual Theater created, directed and performed by Maayan Iungman (Israel) & Philipp Rückriem (Germany) 

Music & Sound Design: Thomas Moked Blum (Brazil) 

Photography: Kfir Harbi (Israel)

2. Mai 2019

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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English Theatre Berlin

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