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A Night To Die For

Grafik: Berlin Meisner

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A Night To Die For

Berlin Meisner | Various Artists

Three Short Plays

Boiling people in my coffee | 20 Uhr 

Faced with microscopic civilizations in their coffee and a corpse on their couch, a husband and wife attempt to cope with the loss of their son by reinventing the boundaries, rules, and nature of death. This short play is a ridiculous, comical, and dark examination of the unfairness and finality of dying. 


For fear of stangers | 20:30 Uhr 

Clare, threatened with death, anxiously awaits her cousin in a cliff-top chalet. Rosina arrives and murder is done. But who is the murderer - and who is the victim? 


Not Even... Dead! | 21:15 Uhr 

Fran and Francesca wake up to discover that they are both dead. They struggle to understand their fate and try to think of a reason why their life ended so early. They discover that timing is tricky, even when it doesn't exist anymore. 



Cast & Crew


Boiling People In My Coffee | by Jonathan Yukich 

Director: Benjamin Bishop

Dorian: Hilary Watts | Donald: Adam Donald | Sheriff: Robin Leo Hoffmann | Dead Body: Catalina Dinamarca 


For Fear Of Strangers |  by Peter Assinder 

Director: Ronny Dörfler | Rosina: Erika Mitschrich | Clare: Gitta Witzel 


Not Even...Dead! | by Ricardo Velástegui 

Director: Rocío Del Pino L. | Fran: Catalina Dinamarca  | Francesca: Inken Paland | Set Designer: Alba Llach

31. Okt. 2019

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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