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Harold Pinter's “Old Times”


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Harold Pinter's “Old Times”


Sometimes, the past comes to visit and decides to stay on the sofa. 


Kate and Deeley are a couple resigned to a quiet life by the sea. In storms a reminder of the past in the form of Anna, who allegedly lives the high life in an Italian villa. 


All three of them remember the ebullient, stimulating years of their youth in London, with their future at their fingertips. As the play moves on, the past starts mingling with the present in a more and more confusing way, redefined by individual perceptions of memory and reality. 


With loyalties re-established and changing throughout the play, an unspoken question starts looming in the background, shape-shifting like an amoeba prone to the effects of love and ambivalence – How is this confrontation going to end? 


With: Andrea Benson, Cornelia Brelowski, Joshua Lerner

Artistic director: Cornelia Brelowski/Ensemble


About LivingRoomProductions Berlin:

LivinigRoomProductions is a non-profit company devoted to put contemporary English language authors and modern classics on stage in Berlin since 2000.

29. Aug. 2019

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Theaterforum Kreuzberg / tfk Berlin

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