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Shedding skin

Charly Flyte

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Shedding skin

Marcell Proske

Im Rahmen von Emergence

Shedding skin captures a moment in time in which the light eclipsed the dark in a nightclub toilet. After years of anguish at living in one’s own skin, the dancer embodies the freedom found in the fluidity of gender. Femininity. Body positivity. The celebration of baring the body naked on the dance floor. Finally fearless self expression. And yet still, voiceless. The mental unease of the social anxiety sometimes completely impossible to appease. Finally a moment of living in truth and yet still the mind finds ways to disobey. Disassociate. Isolate. Marcell brings a sensitive celebration to queerness whilst also questioning spaces that are still lacking within the queer community. In his adamant vulnerability he opens a space for the conversation of mental health, queerness, gender fuckery and loneliness.


Marcell Proske

has graduated with an MA in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School with a focus on queer issues in his thesis, including homonormativity and homonationalism. During his time in London Marcell had the chance to dance for and learn from dance artist such as Hagit Yakira, Liz Aggis and Rosemary Lee. Since moving to Berlin Marcell has been dancing for a number of projects including as part of the SODA Works festival at Uferstudios dancing for Saori Hall and recently he performed for Ashkan Afsharian as part of the Potsdamer Tanztage 2018. In his own work Marcell aims to challenge perceptions around masculinity and claim space for queerness and mental health.

About Emergence 

You beautiful, trashy, dirty princess queen. 
The price we pay for a moment to be seen. 

Emergence creates an essential space for queer performers to be seen and heard. The night will exhibit three new works from radical emerging artists reclaiming the stage to express queer narratives, questioning expectations of gender and sexuality. Bodies that have long been repressed by heteronormative structures come together to create, celebrate and revel in the power of fearless self expression.    Curated by Marcell Proske

1. Feb. 2019

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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