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Albina Maks | Hoa Tran | Britt Angus

 Foto ©



Chaos Emblematic

An evening of immersive dance, drawing, photography and live music.

Dropping into a new realm of magical realism. melt into our universe and ignite your imagination.

Dancing in the Chaos.
That is real freedom.

Hosek Contemporary is pleased to host Ship Wrecked - an evening of  dance, film, photography, visual art and live music curated by Britt  Angus.

Trailer: hier


Works by: Britt Angus | Alvin Collantes | Vigdís Erla | Isma Gane | Ruby Frances Jones | Sally Kreimendahll | Aaron MacCarley | Albina Maks | Tiziano Portas | Felipe Rodriguez Vitale | Shannon Walsh

Music by: Nicolas Black Elk | Mknzi | Shannon Walsh | VVeber

Poster design | additional photography: Imogen Mansfield

Chaos Aemblematic was founded by Britt Angus and Nicolas Black Elk, Chaos Emblematic is an art collective producing events, dance performances, films, photos, music and metaphysical happenings in Berlin, Germany. Our artists come together from around the globe to cultivate chaotic creative endeavours and vibrant immersive experiences.

19. Sept. 2020

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Drink and Draw Berlin

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