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Barbara Berti

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Barbara Berti

In the difficult year 2020, much of our collective life moved from a physical to a virtual space. SPACE enables an encounter with others, offering another way of being together here. A collective space, as a state of consciousness or a way of thinking, that needs to be investigated and physically embodied. A place of thinking and taking, where the boundaries of our actions are redefined and hierarchies are overturned. The performance addresses the contrast between authenticity and virtual reality in relation to people, the connection between language and dance and the relationship between audience and performer. The aim is to use choreographic means to explore the concept of limitation: in relation to the space between the self and the other, as well as between the individual and the collective.

Concept | Choreography | Text: Barbara Berti

Dance: Rocio Marano | Paolo Rosini | Barbara Berti

Sound: Klaus Janek

Light design: Barbara Berti

Costume Design: Don Aretino | Muyao Zhang

Mediator: Simon David Rose

Production: Iaci Lomonaco

For more information about Barbara Berti work and research please visit:

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE  NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART  KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance. In collaboration with Dialogues-Residences of Performing Arts at the Villa Manin 2021. Co Production: Ariella Vidach Aiep. With the support of:MiC- Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Milan - Culture Sector.

14. Okt. 2021

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