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Daniel Tejedera

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Julie Carrere, Agathe Vincent, Dahlia Rebecca


We invite you to our broken-human gallery, made of plastic, sounds, flesh, and
empty spaces. In this made-up environment, we are looking for a sense of purpose
and maybe a way to freedom.
It could become a utopia, yet everything seems to bring us back to reality.
Navigating between known forms and melodies, we become subversive super-
characters fueled to threaten the regular chain of events.

Take me on a ride
To the south
We are awake
We are alive
On the highway
My wings on your back
On your Harley
We go fast
Baby fast, baby fast’

The performance BREAK THE CHARM is a collaboration between dance artists Julie
Carrere, Agathe Vincent, and music producer Dahlia Rebecca.
In their research, they focused on the themes of emancipation and identity. They
explored those topics by relating to their artistic and personal experiences.
This performance is supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING
OUT, funded by the Minister of State for Culture and Media within the framework of the
initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance.

Dance: Julie Carrere, Agathe Vincent
Music: Dahlia Rebecca
Production: Julie Carrere
Lights: Sebastian Bluck
Sound: Pablo Diserens

Photography: Daniel Tejedera
Design: Gonçalo Ramo

2. Sept. 2022

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Hosek Contemporary

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