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Inga Gross @movement_in_pics

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Milla Toppi

Performance / Showing

Kälteschlaf  is a performance combining physical theater and contemporary dance. It  presents the results of movement research made on the reality of dreams,  movement language of the irrational and aesthetics of the absurd. What  makes body movement dreamlike and unreal? How does it relate to our  instinct towards the abnormal and foreign? The piece is inspired by the  surreal art of the previous century.

Direction, Composition, Concept: Milla Toppi

Performance and Co-development: Lauren Fitzgerald, Maite Kremke, Zoë Irini Lazos

Costumes: Gabriele Sajak Okel

Technical Advice: Kamil Piwko

Funded by Oulu city cultural fund

Supported by Cultural center Valve

1. Dez. 2022

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Kulturmartkhalle eV

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