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Jacob Wolf Lefton

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Jacob Wolf Lefton

Theater Impro

Ghost Cement explores the uncertainty of human relation among eight  characters confronting fear of loss and discovery of connection. It’s a  story about people who lose what they didn’t have to begin with and find  what they always had but never considered theirs. It reflects on this  constant condition of the movement of relationship, of falling apart and  reconnecting.

Ghost Cement is developed in an experimental  theater-making process combining Michael Chekhov technique with long  form improvisation. The narrative shifts between grounded slice-of-life  moments and surreal explorations of the characters’ inner lives. The  work is plotted but unscripted, fluid and changing as is our experience  of everyday life.

Produced & Directed by Jacob Wolf Lefton
Performed by Ashlyn Fletcher, Jacob Wolf Lefton, Jonas Müller, Olivia Cole, René Erler, Robin Leo Hoffmann, Sonja Kriesel, Sophie Hess

1. Mai 2023

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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