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Dakota Comín | Bodies In Paradise


NICER is an invitation to imagine and experience desirable ways of being together. Four bodies explore how their desires can coexist within a common task: inhabiting together the same space. Through memories of pleasure and joy, the bodies revisit the sensations and affections that have allowed them to get here. Proposing different scenarios where they collaborate, share collective memories and negotiate desires, the bodies work together towards the creation of sustainable configurations for themselves and the environment. "Freedom is the desire that conquers itself" - Architectures of Desire, J.A.Marina

This proposal arises from the need to enhance the body as a source of information, knowledge and shelter in times of crisis and extreme uncertainty. By questioning the aggressive and alienating logics of our culture, the body is able to promote kinder codes of interaction and existence within the group and its environment.

Direction: Dakota Comín
Choreographic Assistance: Georgia Bettens
Performance and co-creation: Milena Stein, Berenike Melchior, Madelaine Robertson, Dakota Comín
Soundscape: Dakota Comín
Text: Dakota Comín and memories from the dancers

Supported and funded by: Residenzförderung by Fonds Darstellende Künste Germany , in collaboration with Theater Off Bühne Komplex Chemnitz, Germany. Guest company Sala Carme Teatre. Supported by Lake Studios Berlin
Acknowledgments: Mårten Spånberg and Ufer Studios Berlin.

9. Juni 2023

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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