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João d’Orey


Or when we sit in a bar,

And you say I’m the most gorgeous Boy in the room

But five minutes later you leave me


you have to go on a Grindr Date


you really

need to have Sex right now

and I find myself

in the Uber crying

A hybrid performance of a text collage, music and movement that focusses on the turbulent journey of a homosexual teenage transboy on his search for love, visibility and bromance.

Performaner: João d’Orey

Direction:  Malaya Stern Takeda

Music: Ralph Heidel, Clara Pazzini and João d‘Orey

Script: João d’Orey and Malaya Stern Takeda with texts from João d’Orey,  Sarah Kane, Falk Richter and excerpts from ‘Gender Queer’ voices from  beyond the sexual binary, edited by Joan Nestle, Clare Howell and Riki Wilchins

1. Juli 2023

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Theater Unterm Dach

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