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Leah Lavinia


Objectification of women by cis men and the male gaze, encouraged by our society. Women taking space, finding confidence and power through actions and communal support.

The performance aims to criticize and confront cis men and their ways of objectifying and dehumanizing women in their everyday lives. Furthermore it will operate as a reflection of their actions, clearly portraying the consequences and the internalized male gaze that lingers in each and everyone of us through the society that we live in. It strives to encourage women to take their

space, be loud and seen and for men and every man inside of us to reflect their gaze and the effect it has.

Concept and Direction by: Leah Lavinia

Performed  by: Paola Paulis, Julia Kratz, Maria Vittoria, Nabila Al Hakim, Hannah  Jeremić, Gabriela Neves, Hannah Fritsch, Calla Horan

29. Apr. 2024

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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Hosek Contemporary

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