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Omar Abou Doma

Thresholds of Homes

The Alternative Theatre Group in Alexandria (ATG)

Ein Thresholds of Homes depicts all the social and religious restrictions imposed on women by societies in “Upper Egypt”, the southern part of Egypt, where women’s dreams are detained, and their spiritual and physical freedom is restricted. The Thresholds of Homes also portrays the males’ moral laws, how the guardians of ethics deal with such laws, the reduction of the areas of freedom and hope within the hearts of women, as well as driving them towards alienation. Moreover, it depicts women’s desperate attempts to defeat a cruel reality full of frustration and oppression. Therefore, it offers different types of emotional deprivation, forbidden love and painful endings.


Thresholds of Homes is multi-disciplinary theatre performance combining the elements of storytelling, acting and filming to show the details of life within the confines of homes in Upper Egypt, where such stories have taken place in real dimensions accompanied by music soundtrack by the Egyptian composer Rageh Dawood.     


Language: Arabic with English Subtitles



Actors/Storytellers: Awatef Ibrahim, Khalid Raffat, Sally El Sayed

Scenography: Mahmoud Aboudoma, Ayman Farid, Remon Kadry

Graphic Designer: Ayman Mohd Farid

Music: Rageh Dawood

Light & Sound: Remon Kadry

Costumes: Ola Mandour

Video: Kaiser Moussa, Emad Mabrouk

Assistant & Stage Manager: Tarek Nader

Producer: Amina Abodoma

Written & directed by: Mahmoud Aboudoma

21. Okt. 2017



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