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Akademgorodok - Silicon Forest

post theater

Science and technology are meant to improve the world. But how and where do people conduct their research beset? In a metropolis or at a remote lab at the end of the world? In South-Siberia there is a science city called Akademgorodok since the late 50ies, a very successfull place with particle accelerators, fusion reactors, and, as of recently, Start-Ups and IT companies. What happens to a utopian dream of an ideal science city in the age of globalization - the era of migrating „high-potentials“ - the so called brain-drain? post theater set up an A.I., an artificial intelligence, that organizes the evening and asks contemporary dancers to feed input. The audience witnesses a special experiment that fuses worlds as diverse as the USSR, Silicon Valley and Science Fiction cities.


Dance/Performance: Luis Hergon, Mariko Koh, Patrick Khatami, Maria Pyatkova, Tata Ziegler

Sound Design/Music: Sibin Vassilev

Media-Art: Yoann Trellu, Hiroko Tanahashi

Architectural Model/Installation: Michl Schmidt

Choreography: Maria Pyatkova

Artistic Direction: Maria Pyatkova, Hiroko Tanahashi,Max Schumacher

Production Management: Mario Stumpfe / artkrise

Press Agent: K3 Berlin


Funded by the Ministery for Research and Culture, State of Baden-Württemberg via LaFT BW and HOMEBASE scheme of Fonds Darstellende Künste, Federal Government

Kindly supported by the Goethe Institut Novosibirsk, the Palermo-Galerie Stuttgart, Axel-Springer-Plug&Play and Accenture

30. Sept. 2016



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