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Grace Myers


Holy Conflict

‘Up until this I always had too little time. Now there is nothing but time. Almost pure time, empty sucessiveness’

C.S.Lewis, A Grief Observed


Provoked by a personal story of loss, this total theatre work is an abstract expedition into the bewildering realms of human behaviour when confronted with the inevitable, yet wholly unfamiliar, event of death.


Set in the purgatory of a seemingly eternal waiting room, where time is heightened yet warped, AND THEN SHE BECAME A CHAIR follows the process of losing a loved one.


Part confessional text, part fabricated memories and part kitsch distraction, the work recreates a wretched attempt to constrain the chaos and exhaustion of grief into something polite, palatable and coherent.


By & with: Michelle Myers

Dramaturgy: Laura Cancellieri

Associate direction and choreography: Katia Giovo

Sound design: Andrew Stark

Development direction and light: Jahman Davine


About the company...

Holy Conflict makes Gesamtkunstwerke; the utilization of the different forms of theatre, dance, visual art, music, digital art, video, and text, to create mosaic-like events which bleed outside the framework of the normative theatrical experience.


These events seek to create opportunities for the contemporary audience member to feel a sense of wonder when confronted with challenging ideas and sensory experiences.

8. Nov. 2019



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