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Thesmophoria Kollektiv

ANPFIFF! Kick Like a Girl

Thesmophoria Kollektiv


ANPFIFF : Kick like a Girl is a theatre project that delves into German and European football culture through a feminist lens, created and performed by Thesmophoria Kollektiv. Our goal is to present a thought-provoking and comedic performance exploring both the history of the German and European Women’s Football and the current and ongoing discrimination faced by women in the sport today, both on and off the pitch, fans, players and in all levels of the Football World.

This summer the entire world of football will set their eyes on Berlin, as Germany hosts the 2024 UEFA European Championships. As thousands of fans flock to the German capital to cheer on the men’s national teams, we want to cheer on the Footballerinnen and Female fans who have beaten the odds to play and enjoy their sport professionally.

ANPFIFF : Kick like a Girl will give voice to both historical and contemporary stories of German and European womens’ football through various performative arts, including but not limited to: music, dance, poetry, monologues and dramatic scenes. The performance will be set in a cabaret style, with short scenes utilising expressive, physical, musical and comedic elements ensuring accessibility for a broad international audience. The show will last for 30 minutes and will be performed by 6 performers and has one technical director.

Von und Mit: Holly Barnard, Cora Guddat, Maria Trinks, Grace Holme, Iona Buchanan, Olivia Dean, Carina Fox

7. Juli 2024


12. Juli 19:00 Centre Français de Berlin
13. Juli 19:00 Wagenburg Lohmühle


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