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Clown Gym Berlin Network

This Sunday night you can see a showcase of local Berlin comedy and mime talent. The performers tonight are connected through the Clown Gym Berlin Network. Clown Gym Berlin is an open clown training and network group based on Facebook and at Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin. It is for clowns/mimes/actors who want to connect and prepare, practice, and present their new numbers for Open Stage cabarets. 


The group supports beginners and more experienced performers who want to test out their ideas in a safe and supportive environment. Members provide audience to each other and share feedback.


Members are encouraged to set up their own training times on the Facebook page and to edit the page like a wiki. Training opportunities and shows are also welcome to be advertised on the page.


Clown Gym Manager: Julia Burns

Clown Gym Core Members: Vasilis Liaskovitis, Yanai Pery, Guido Gilbert, Neslihan Arol

Performers: Yanai Pery, Vasilis Liaskovitis, Julia Burns, Eric Wilcox, Artur Bloch, Alex K, David Dubreuil and special guests


​Special Thanks to Torsten Gardei (piano) and Theaterhaus Berlin

18. Okt. 2015



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