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Min Yoon


Min Yoon


Dancing  with Violence is a participatory audio performance with movement,  inspired by the somatic memories and transformation of violence of One  unnamed dancer… a psychosomatic experience… a meditation… a fictional  memoir set in landscapes of perspectives… an immersive performance in  the dark with heightened auditory senses and movement of the audience...

You are invited to dance with the personal and trans-personal  exploration of violence. In darkness, the participants will be invited  to dance with the memories, sensations, and imaginations of One dancer’s  experience of violence, inspired by butoh-fu, movement instructions  using imaginative and poetic language and evocative sounds.

Artistic Direction, Dance Research and Words: Min Yoon | “Citizen Truth”

Music, Composition and Sonic Landscapes: Wieland Möller

Words and Production: Rodrigo Zorzanelli

Dance Research: Nicola Bullock

Dramaturgical Advice

Sound / theatre: Jan Maihorn, Tom Foskett-Barnes  

Dance / choreography: Jessica Gaynor 

12. Nov. 2022


12. November 19:00



Tickets hier

Fischerinsel, 10179 Berlin

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