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Sigel Leicht


Megumi Eda and Yuko Kaseki


Two dancers from ballet and Butoh meet; starting from their  polarity and through their shared female experience, DIVINE is created.

Butoh  dancer Yuko Kaseki and ballet-based Megumi Eda present their first  collaborative dance work, DIVINE, inspired by tragic tales of two  wronged and resilient women: ballet’s “Giselle” and the classic Kabuki  ghost story “Oiwa.”These two dancers, with their radically different  approaches to movement, assume characters plagued with discomfort and  instability in unfamiliar, distorted bodies. As these two figures from  different worlds meet, they cross paths in sympathy with each other but  are filled with confusion and feel the dissonance of their different  realities. Their suffering and persistence echo the paths of Giselle and  Oiwa and countless other women whose divine spirits have endured  objectification, coercion, and violence  in images and lives not of  their own choosing or making.

Direction, Concept, Performance : Yuko Kaseki & Megumi Eda

Sound composition: Reiko Yamada

This work is supported by a commission from CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) in NYC and Theaterhaus Mitte.

25. Mai 2023


26. | 27. | 28. Mai 19:00


15€ | 10€

Kastanienallee 79 | 10435 Berlin

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