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Double Bill: Tech(no)body and Lioness

Enrico Paglialunga, Roni Rotem


Looking  at the contemporary challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in  relationship to humans, Enrico Paglialunga and Myra Eetgerink question  how human and robots will live together in the future. What is the  essence of being human? Could AI ever really become human? In this  work-in-progress, the two artists explore these questions in a  performative manner, a meeting between a human and a robot. An encounter  in dance, until fears arise, joy takes hold and a wish for trust  arises.


Concept & Choreography: Enrico Paglialunga

Dramaturgy: Myra Eetgerink

Performer: Enrico Paglialunga and Myra Eetgerink.


Choreography: Roni Rotem 

Dancers: Michal Rotman, Roni Uzan Aharony

Original Music: Dekel Bor

Costumes: Gaelle Van Lierde

Dramaturgy: Dana Marcus, Tohar Kleiner

13. Jan. 2024



18€ | 14€

Boxhagener Str. 18, 10245 Berlin

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