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mellem to

en mand, der sidder navnløs, en kvinde med en lanterne

mellem to | Keisuke Sugawara & Christina Dyekjær


What happens when you decide to get enclosed by the darkness and how do you meet yourself there?


mellem to/between two

- en mand, der sidder navnløs, en kvinde med en Lanterne – (A man sitting nameless, A woman with a lantern)


a contemporary dance project by Keisuke Sugawara and Christina Dyekjær. A performance based in a landscape of quiet and calmness which drives time forward.


Two bodies as objects in a space, in a fragmentary story, influencing each other’s subconsciously and consciously decision making. The opportunity to balance the negative and positive in the falling rain towards the light at shore,

is a choice of yours.


Dancers: Keisuke Sugawara | Christina Dyekjær

about mellem to...

mellem to (Between two): Work on the body and sense of the individual. The way of our being would change by the phenomenon that the action that another person or object intervenes there. Under the condition that relating with other, What options of possibilities are increased for individual's sensory work? or decreased? Finding the meaning & the reason for our choices. "How to engage with others" and "How to be ourself”.

21. Sept. 2019



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