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Luca Cipriani


Revolver Dance Theatre

Eternal Return is an ode to motherhood. In this work the female roles of a family structure are highlighted and celebrated as powerful, strong and of great importance to the way we grow up and perceive ourselves. Real and fictional memories are fragmented into sections in order to stress points of relevant importance to the present days. The performers play different roles that swap throughout the piece, exploring the relationships between one another. Eternal Return is a cyclic and never ending Thank You, as well as a Goodbye.


Direction/Choreography: João Cidade

Extra Research Contributors: Risa Kojima, Javier Ferrer Machín and Giulia Mandelli

Original Music: Michael Bennetsen, Andrew Lafkas

Lighting Designer: Emese Csornai

Performance: Sarah Maria Cook, Edith Buttingsrud Pederson, Roberta Ricci, Christina Reinhardt, Davide Troiani

Production Assistent: Ajrisa Selimi

Extra Research Contributors: Risa Kojima, Javier Ferrer Machín, Giulia Mandelli


Gefördert durch Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Zawirowania, Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa (City of Warsaw) 

3. Feb. 2017



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