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Jana Barthel


Barthel | Glöckler | Søgaard


An idyllic mountain village is the ultimate glamour hotspot. Right in  the middle of it all is a famous businessman who invented canned  Prosecco and fantasises about a snow park in the shape of Pamela  Anderson’s breasts. He produces the most exciting and expensive series  of all time, with personalities ranging between visions and megalomania,  with no regard for nature nor social change: GLAMOUR MOUNTAIN, an image  of human destructiveness.
In a nuanced play with masks and large  puppets, three puppeteers create a pastiche of the neoliberal phenomena  of our time. The live soundtrack to the series is provided by the Berlin  electronic music giant Pilocka Krach.

Play: Josephine Buchwitz, Jarnoth, Pilocka Krach, Magda Lena Schlott

Direction: Nis Søgaard

Scenography, Costumes: Jana Barthel

Puppets and Mask making: Magdalena Roth

Music: Pilocka Krach

Light Design: Werner Wallner

Assistant Direction: Christoph Scharf

Production: Miriam Glöckler

Audio Description: Nicolai Audiodescription

22. Sept. 2022


23. | 24. September 20:00 | 25. September 19:00


16.5€ | 11.5€

Tickets hier

Greifswalder Str. 81-84 | 10405 Berlin

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von

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