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Maher dance Company

Dance Research - Performance

Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2023

Trees are a link between heaven, earth and time and are life-givers.  When we are near them, we feel connected to nature and to our ancestors  who planted them.
In their presence, we find comfort, peace and new energy. We need the trees to live and they need our protection.
The partly improvised, partly scripted choreography expresses the parallels in the growth and life of trees and people.
In choreographic images and scenes, the morphology and energy of trees appear in analogy or in contrast to the human body. Trees
are present on stage and come to life as the dancers play with branches, twigs and trunks in ever-changing stage spaces.
The costumes are also inspired by the morphology of trees, based on the analogy between bark and skin.
Instead  of music, composed sound recordings of the rustling of leaves in the  wind, the creaking, knocking and creaking of wood in the forest create a  very special mix of sounds and rhythms for the choreography.

Duration:  30 mins

By Maher Abdul Moaty

7. Sept. 2023


8. September 20:00
10. September 18:00


150 kr

Masthamnsgatan 17, Gothenburg, 413 27

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