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Kauri Sorvari

Helsinki, Finnland

In  Labia the dancers kiss on stage showing the intimacy, poetics and  politics of this action. The soft and tender queers embrace and  reformulate the multiple shapes of gender and love. In Labia kissing is a  dance that reveals kissing and its habits as experienced, performed and  choreographed action. On stage, lips touch other lips - thirsting,  greeting, saying goodbye, giving, taking, performing, feeling.

bois, butts

hubba bubba, bi bye

wet lips, singing hips, shy

Labia  is a work initiated by Kauri Sorvari, through which he wants to bring  sensuality and a brief moment of vulnerability to the performing arts.  Labia has been shown in demo versions at the Museum Of Impossible Forms  as a part of the Bodies of Pleasures collective’s happening and at Club  Ambedo as part of Urban Apa.

Regie: Kauri Sorvari
Mit: Jussi Ulkuniemi, György Jellinek, Kauri Sorvari
Licht: Sofia Palillo
Ton: Satu Kankkonen
Kostüm: Johanna Liebl
Producer: Riikka Lakea

Supported by Wihuri, Taike, SKR, Urban Apa, Circus Maximus

7. Dez. 2023


8. I 9. I 10. Dezember


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