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Andy El Kanani


Marcozzi Contemporary Theater


Inspired by Toich‘s  novel Ad Bestias, ‘monstrous’ is set in a dystopian eco- dictatorship. The piece investigates different forms of pregnancy: women are artificially inseminated with animals, plants, minerals, emotions, natural phenomena and behaviours useful to the eco-regime.

Under pressure from the government, the body becomes a site of superhuman strengths, extinction, self-preservation, discomfort and monstrosity, each seeking to find its own expression. Masks, dance, spoken word and live music are orchestrated to explore metamorphosis as a force that puts humans in an unavoidable relationship with other

living and non living creatures.

With: Stephanie Day, Luis DeCicco, Melissa Derio, Daniela Marcozzi, Francesca Sarah Toich

Concept and Artistic direction: Daniela Marcozzi

Dramaturgy: Francesca Sarah Toich

Music: Luis DeCicco

Masks training: Francesca Sarah Toich

Costume: Susanne Kasper

Production, Administration and Press: Apricot Productions

Communication Assistant: Paolo Tirelli

Graphics: Andy El Kanani

The Masks are created by: Sarah Sartori

7. Dez. 2022


08.| 09. | 10. Dezember 20:00


15€ | 10€

Tickets hier

Veteranenstraße 21 | 10119 Berlin

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