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Yael Mor


Yael Mor

EXPO Festival

This is a mockumentary performance and a film. A diary and a fable.

Yael is an artist who has immigrated to Berlin. She’s broke, tired of  babysitting, and afraid her big dreams won’t be fulfilled. She gets an  opportunity for a week’s residency, but the night before it starts a  sinister character appears in her nightmare, planting a seed of  self-doubt that gets bigger and bigger, making her residency a living  hell while she is losing grip on reality.

No Home encapsulates the perpetual sense of liminality  experienced by an immigrant in a foreign land. With unwavering hope, she  strives to create her haven within the enigmatic backdrop of Berlin.  Her daily existence is a relentless battle against the challenges of  communication, financial constraints, bureaucracy, and waning  motivation.

In this piece, elements of humor, horror and homesickness have been  blended to depict a new reality of an immigrant, grappling with the  pursuit of her dreams.

In English, German and Hebrew

Directed, Written and Performed by Yael Mor (Israel) 

Performed by  Daniella Mor (Israel), Katharina Ruhm (Germany) 

Original Music by Guy Cohavi (Israel)

26. Feb. 2024




Fidicinstraße 40 | 10965 Berlin

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