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Quelle: Oren Lazovski Projects


Oren Lazovski Projects

Im Rahmen des ID Festival Berlin

In NO-MAD two men who can be seen as travelers in time and space are on a journey which confronts them with the past and the present, but most of all with themselves and each other. On this journey the trombonist Tomer Maschkowski joins Oren Lazovski as a comrade in playing music, dancing and traveling through Berlin. The main approach to the work is The Integrated Instrument – an idea which sees the instrument as an integral part of the body. By doing so unusual images and movement ideas will be used in order to create the scenes of the show. The work with the instruments as a device of communication, as taking it out of the context, replaces spoken words with sound and movement. The medium of film enables the performance to leave the theatre and to take the audience to well known locations in Berlin. The book Der Wanderer und sein Schatten by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche has inspired the shapes of the characters in the manner of a traveler and a shadow. The movie displays a game of chasing, hunting and confrontation as one might do with his own shadow. Through reference points in Berlin for once and on the stage, the hidden side of the soul will be exposed by creating unusual situations, arising the question who is the traveler and who is the shadow, asking to transit between the real and the inner world.


Performance/Dance: Oren Lazovski

Performance/Trombone: Tomer Maschkowski

Concept/Choreography/Film Script: Oren Lazovski

Films produced by Holytropic

Camera: Johan Planfeld

Editing & Artistic Advice: Shiran Eliaserov

Costume: Silvie Naunheim

23. Okt. 2016



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