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Gloria G. Duran



Relincho is a documentary solo performance about identity and desire. Through a humorous analysis of the history of contemporary thought, a physical regression occurs in the sake of unravel all the traumas-taboo of my genealogy and my own personal story. Castration complex, anti-Oedipus and my grandmother's sexual adventures in a village of Jaen, Spain, live together in a space time continuum. Is desire a construction or a delirium? Is our identity which lead us to the object of desire or is desire which conform our identity?


"Dream. I'm sitting on Freud's divan and between line and line of cocaine, he explains to me that when Hamlet said 'to be or not to be' what he really meant was 'to have or not to have'. Phallus"


Language: Spanish

Duration: 50 min


Written and Performed by Carmen Meinhof

Directed by Valeria Germain

Animation Design: Oscar Martín

Video Guests Artists: Julia Metzger-Traber and Tomeu Blanch

27. Juli 2016



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